The Amazing Sensations

Moving Forward


Moving into 1979-1981 the band started to rotate Week Ends in Clubs like Kevin’s Corner, Stepping Out in Somerville, Mass Studley’s Lounge, Simione’s and the Homestead Lounge in Cambridge, Mass. All the time improving the show as they moved Club to Club. Equipment, Clothes Backdrops was some of the improvements. With all the improvements the band made, It gave them the ability to move to Clubs like The Harbor House in Lynn, Joseph’s in Lowell, The Excuse Me lounge in Revere. Going to Giovarni’s Hampton Beach in the summer along with The Other Place and The Pub, down the Cape made it fun that time of Year. Billy left the band in 1980 and Mike Thomas took his place. In 1980 Phil left and Brian Bishop took his place With Billy Dillon coming in at the same time.Soon after Mark Enos came into the show. In 1982 Rod left the band and Dave Stagnone took his place.

In 1983 the band went on a hiatus for two years. Getting back together for a reunion show in 1985